Veronica De Anda

Office Manager

Education & Credentials

We will provide superior customer service and treat you like family, so you feel at home. We will help you get the treatment you need in a way that suits you. Making the "impossible" possible is my favorite service.

Patient Impact

One of my favorite things about our office is our many ways to make things financially possible for patients. I have had the pleasure of seeing many tears of joy from patients who thought the treatment they needed was just not possible given their financial state.


My favorite shows are Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, and Mayans M.C. I love most movies, especially Disney movies, musicals, and action/adventure. My favorite vacation spot is Disneyland. I root for the 49ers, Sharks, and Giants.


I am a happy wife and mother of two girls and two boys. We have three dogs, four birds, a turtle, and two hamsters. We enjoy music and Disney. I love to sing, and I take dance lessons with my children. I have been in the dental field since 2010.